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Hot or Not?: Google Stadia

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Hot or Not?: Google Stadia


Photo from CNN

Google’s cloud play gaming software “Google Stadia” is hitting the markets on November 19. Cloud play is a new kind of gaming that allows people to game on any device, anywhere they want. Stadia is essentially console gaming, without the console. It works by processing games through Google’s big servers rather than individual consoles. It looks to open the doors of gaming to people not wanting to drop a fat rack on a console.

You can pre-order the Stadia “Premiere Edition” now for $130 from Google. This includes Google’s new Stadia Controller, a Chromecast Ultra, and three months of Stadia Pro. Stadia Pro is the $9.99 a month version of Stadia which includes 4K, 60fps, 5.1 surround sound, exclusive discounts on games, and one free game per month. 

For those not comfortable paying $9.99 month, there is another option. Google is also launching Stadia Base – for free. Stadia base presents with 1080p, and 60fps, and stereo sound. 

Like any gaming system, the games for Stadia are sold separately. Google is launching Stadia with at least 31 different games from 21 different publishers, and plans to release more after the initial launch date.

The race to be the best in cloud gaming is heating up as Stadia’s launch nears. The Verge reports, “Google may feel a need to aggressively compete to be a leader in cloud gaming, since the competition looks like it may be fierce.” 

Students are excited about the possibilities this new gaming platform has to offer.

“I think Stadia will cause a shift in the gaming norm by further mitigating incentive to side with regular console gaming,” senior Sarah Nguyen said. 

“Google Stadia is extremely exciting as it aims to get rid of the main bottleneck to many people’s gaming experience right now – the hardware,” Editor Vishnu Karthik said. “It is by far the largest leap in accessible consumer-gaming in a very long time.” 

Overall Google’s Stadia looks to bring big changes to the gaming industry. Microsoft and Sony both plan to enter the cloud gaming ring soon as well. Only time will tell whether Stadia will be hot or not.

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