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2019 NFL Draft Reactions



Where to begin with the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Overall, as a Denver Broncos fan, I am only slightly disappointed in the Broncos. Having a 10th overall pick in the draft was a good position for the Denver Broncos. Dwayne Haskins was still on the board by the 10th pick. This would have been a great pick, especially if Haskins could have sat under Joe Flacco for one season. However, since the Broncos’ trade back with the Steelers, the Redskins ended up taking him. Even if the Broncos did not want a quarterback, Devin Bush was also still on the board. Having a linebacker for the Broncos defense would maybe bring them back to the Super Bowl 50 days. However, same reason as for Haskins, the Steelers picked Bush with their 10th overall pick.

However, the reason this was not bad for the Broncos is because they were able to grab 1-of-2 of Iowa’s TE duo, Noah Fant. Unlike TJ Hockenson, who is a really good blocker, Fant is more of a catching TE. his speed and athletic abilities are great for a TE. With the added catching ability makes him a dangerous threat down field. So while trading back into the draft for a 20, 50, and a 2020 third round pick, Noah Fant is a good addition for the Broncos and another target for Flacco.

As for the rest of the draft, most prospects went with the team media thought they would. Kyler Murray was 100% going with the Cardinals, which he did. TJ Hockenson and Devin Bush went by in the Top 10 Picks. However, one pick I was very confused on was Dwayne Haskins. Why would a good QB be passed by so many teams?


With the statistics from my previous article, I thought the Broncos, or at least another team, would draft Haskins in the Top 10. However, he ended up going to the Redskins with their 15th pick. This decision, for me, honestly hurt. Not only was a perfect pocket passer skipped by teams, but that the Broncos did not choose him. Honestly, most of the teams that skipped Dwayne Haskins could end up regretting their decisions.

Another prospect that I am confused on is Drew Lock. As for a more severe situation than Haskins, a great quarterback was not even chosen during the first round. With having outstanding statistics from his college career, why would he not go in the first round? Luckily, he ended up going with the Broncos in the 2nd Round with their 42nd pick.

To sum things up, the first round of the 2019 NFL draft was a giant roller coaster. Many players went to teams they were suspected to go to and others, not so much. Great prospects were taken in in the Top 10 picks, and others were not. Drafted players ended their night happy, and some were very disappointed. In the end, the draft has many challenges and mysteries. Choices can either shock or confuse many fans. People are wondering what the Giants were thinking when making their picks. This situation will be discussed in a later article. However, a pick is a pick, where the team’s choices are final.



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