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The Infamous Exploding Tesla: What Happened?



Yes, this really happened…


On the evening of April 21, one Tesla Model S in Shanghai, China erupted into flames from out of nowhere. Security camera footage from Weibo shows that there was no one around the car when the flames started, and according to a Digital Trends report, at least 3 other cars were destroyed from the fire. Thankfully, no one was injured. Coincidentally, a NIO ES8 electric crossover (a Tesla competitor) caught fire in Shanghai less than a 24 hours later per GasGoo China Report.

What Happened?

Unfortunately the cause of the explosion is still unknown as of this article’s publishing, however Tesla immediately sent out an investigation crew to pinpoint what caused it. This incident is particularly peculiar because most fires or explosions involving Teslas are generally caused by high speed accidents. On top of that, Tesla has been one of the highest rated car brands when it comes to safety which just makes the situation more puzzling.

Tesla’s official response to the situation was: “After finding out about the incident in Shanghai, we immediately sent a team to the scene. We are currently contacting relevant departments to understand the situation. Based on current information, no one was hurt.”



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