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Movie Review: Shazam!



Picture from Blazing Minds

Why Shazam! is a good movie despite its flaws

Last Saturday, my friends and I went to our local movie theater to watch the the latest D.C. Universe movie, Shazam! Paying ten dollars for a D.C. movie ticket was a risk, but I payed anyways. In fact, many others took this risk as well considering there were only a few seats available when we arrived at the movie theater. After Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, I thought people would be more cautious, but our consumerist minds just can’t resist.

Shazam! is about a child who gains the ability to become the adult superhero, Shazam!, whenever he yells out the name. The child for the majority of the movie struggles to adapt to this new role but eventually gets the hang of it. Through this journey, concepts like “what does it mean to be a hero” and “what does it mean to be a family” are explored in a comedic and satirical manner.

Now, this movie is far from perfect. There are many plot holes like when Shazam!’s foster siblings are instantly able to manage their new superpowers, but it takes Shazam! the whole movie to get accustomed to his new abilities. The movie is also soaked with corniness. From the overused archetypes to the “inspirational” quotes, the story’s creation seemed to have lacked any deeper thought.

What saves Shazam! is its satirical tone. There seems to be intention and purpose behind the movies more devaluing qualities. This movie was created for our inner child.

We should recall back to our childhood: a period in which we didn’t know what a plot hole was and were desensitized to corniness. As long as the movie made me laugh and inspired me to play with my action figures again, I was satisfied. Entertainment is all we asked for, and entertainment is what Shazam! delivers.

I believe Shazam! wants us to be critical of our critical attitudes. As soon as we to attempt make sense of everything, we lose. Sometimes we have to untoggle our intellectual goggles and just live. It’s cliche, but Shazam! is something that shouldn’t be explained but instead, experienced.



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