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Denver Broncos’ QB Choice: Dwayne Haskins or Drew Lock?



Photo from NBC Sports

With the 2019 NFL Draft coming up on April 25th, new prospects will be selected to join many football teams. However, one team, in particular, has a very hard choice to make: the Denver Broncos. After Super Bowl 50, one of the best QBs to ever play the game, Peyton Manning, retired. Since then, the Broncos have been on a downward slope, missing the playoffs every single year. Mostly due to previously complications with coaching staff and QB positions, the Broncos could never be the team they once were.

A main example would be the quarterback crisis that happened with Broncos previously. The QBs that were taking part in this crisis were Trevor Siemian, Paxton Lynch, and Case Keenum. Even though the Broncos had different athletes for this leadership role, nobody seemed to fit perfectly with the offense. This led to numerous let downs on the offensive side of the team. However, Broncos’ coaching staff has been upgraded, taking in Vic Fangio as the head coach, among others. This decision, in my own opinion, was great because the Broncos’ defense could be as good as it was during Super Bowl 50. This is mainly attributed to the fact that Vic Fangio played a big role in the Chicago Bears’ defense, which was rated #1 during the 2018 season. Now, all the team needs is an amazing QB. With Case Keenum traded from the Broncos, Joe Flacco has been taken in as the new starting QB. But will this change be enough?

As we all know, Joe Flacco has been in this league for quite some time now. With this experience, the Broncos felt that having a veteran signal caller will be a good choice. However, having an older QB may not be the best choice; with more and more younger players coming into the NFL, their athletic abilities will be at the top of the line. In contrast, Flacco will only get older and less competitive. This means that in no time, Flacco will be leaving the team just as did Manning. The more logical decision to do is draft a young, athletic QB in the 2019 NFL Draft.

In this upcoming draft, many QBs have shined their potential greatness: Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins, Drew Lock, Daniel Jones, and many more. However, for this article, we will be focusing on the 2 most intriguing (and probable) options for the Broncos: Dwayne Haskins and Drew Lock.

Picture from CBS Sports

First, let’s talk about Dwayne Haskins. From Ohio State, this 6’3’’ QB is one of the best prospects coming into the draft. In his college career, he has had 413 pass completions, 5,396 passing yards, 54 passing touchdowns, and only 9 passing interceptions. With these statistics alone, people would understand the hype surrounding him. Now, moving on to Drew Lock.

From Missouri, the 6’4’’ QB is also a main competitor in the draft. Throughout Lock’s college career, he has had 883 pass completions, 12,193 passing yards, 99 passing touchdowns, and 39 passing interceptions. The only main difference between the two QB’s, judging by their college career, is that Haskins only played through his sophomore year. Lock, on the other hand, went all the way through his senior year of college. Who knows how well Haskins’ statistics would have looked like if he played until his senior year. With both of these men being elite QBs, the final decision will fall into the hands of the Denver Broncos.

At the end of the day, the Broncos make the final decisions. No matter what the media says, the team finds what is best for them. With news right now, it seems the Broncos have a liking in Dwayne Haskins, but that does not mean Drew Lock is lost. Also, the team can be looking at other QBs or positions as well. The only thing fans can do is wait until the draft arrives. Hopefully, they are happy with the picks the Denver Broncos select. All in all, the whole point of drafting is to make the sport of football outstanding.

But to answer the question of who the Broncos should select, on a full, personal perspective, Dwayne Haskins is my choice. Haskins has overall caught my eye. He has been described as a “pure pocket passer”.  One of the most iconic pocket passers to ever play was Peyton Manning. During Super Bowl 50, everyone had seen what Manning did for the Broncos. With Haskins being compared to Manning, at least in the sense of being a pocket passer, this could greatly help the Broncos offensively. This is the most likely reason because the offensive personnel for the Denver Broncos have a more biased pull towards pure pocket passers. With targets out on the field like Emmanuel Sanders or Courtland Sutton, drives downfield could be more efficient. The main downside of Haskins is that he only has a few years of experience. Some have said that putting him in the NFL this early would be a very bad decision because of how inexperienced he is. But to wrap my ideas together, Dwayne Haskins, in my opinion, seems to come out on top. Even though he does not have the experience as Lock has, there is some hope in the young QB. Hopefully, the Denver Broncos do draft him with the 10th overall pick, but much like the fans, I can only wait.



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