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GizmoZOOM: Who Are We?



In this day and age, information is rampant; in the modern age, there isn’t much that we can’t find out with the help of Google and a bit of time. However, one thing that is unique to each person is their own perspective and their experiences. That’s something that GizmoZOOM can provide. Our purpose as a news source is getting you the information you need with a unique perspective.

Now, some of you may be skeptical: “What can a group of teenage high-schoolers do for me?” Well, not only can we adequately shine a light on current events, but we can also provide an analysis, and maybe even our outlook, on these current events. Our priority is to keep you informed but also entertained. It isn’t every day that you see ‘a group of teenage high-schoolers’ with a story to share. We hope that this novelty keeps you hooked and more inclined to reading GizmoZOOM.

To answer the question, we, at GizmoZOOM, pride ourselves on being an unbiased, truthful, and honest news source that you can trust. Although we lack in experience, we ask you, the reader, to provide us with your insight and wisdom in the comment section of the articles to help us grow and develop as a news source. Not only do we want to be your primary news source, but we also want to cultivate a community of well-read, intelligent persons, in order to build a better tomorrow.

“You must be the Change that you wish to see in the World”

Mahatma Gandhi



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