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A Netflix Magazine?


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A Netflix Magazine?



The World’s Largest Streaming Service is Getting into the World of Print Magazines

In the last few years, we have witnessed a dramatic rise in the genre of “originals” or high-quality productions created by streaming companies and Netflix is no different, in fact they created the genre. In 2018 alone Netflix released nearly 1500 hours of original content and with a record breaking 112 nominations for the Emmys. To continue this strong momentum in through the year, Netflix has announced its plan to release a new Print Magazine service: Wide.

The Inaugural Issue

Recently Netflix hired Krista Smith, former editor of Vanity Fair Magazine, to assist with the development and publication of the new magazine. In addition, Netflix has hired numerous awarded photographers and Hollywood Actors and Actresses to really drive interest and momentum into the upcoming awards season between voters and the public. The inaugural issue is said to be well over 100-pages long and best of all, completely free. 

Why Tho?

I know, the biggest question is: “why does Netflix need a magazine to hype the already great shows?” Well the answer is pretty simple: Netflix wants to be recognized as a legitimate production company similar to that of Sony Pictures, FOX, etc. and have the proper recognition they deserve from other directors (cough, cough Stephen Spielberg) and more importantly from a publicity standpoint: awards shows.

The Current State of Cinematography

The current problem Netflix is facing is from big production agencies and directors still don’t really consider Netflix one of “them.” To a layman like me or you it doesn’t make much sense, but it goes back to what cinema-traditionalists view as a ‘film’ in the first place: a motion picture that is screened at a theater for an extended period of time for public viewing. Due to this belief, Netflix is not eligible/invited to many large awards shows; in fact last year awarded director Stephen Spielberg tried to block Netflix as a whole from being invited to the Oscars.

Netflix at its roots has always been the company to pioneer a new era/beliefs that challenged traditional ideas. First they changed how we consumed media and now they are looking towards changing the film production industry as a whole again by challenging what is considered to be an “award-worthy” film. By making their own professional magazine, Netflix can immensely boost its overall production value and perception by cinema traditionalists and serves as the first step of many into breaking the boundaries of what is considered to be award-worthy film. 



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