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Veteran QB Brock Osweiler Might be Moving…Again


At the end of last year, Brock Osweiler was considered one of the best upcoming QB’s after a great season as Denver’s backup and setting them up with a playoff berth and for Payton to win his final Super Bowl, but things have seriously changed since then. At first he signed a $72 mil deal with the Texans, but after a mediocre at best season (and being benched for a few games) the Texans scrambled to get rid of him. And who better than the Cleveland Browns.

The Texans gave up a draft pick AND Osweiler just for the Browns to take him. Probably the worst part of this whole debacle doesn’t just end here. Just last week the Browns named their newest addition in Rookie QB, DeShone Kizer as the starter and Osweiler being the backup. And now, there are rumors speculating that the Browns are looking to trade Osweiler AGAIN! The latest rumor is that Brock would be traded to the Indianapolis Colts to be Andrew Luck’s backup (Who ironically was one of the main reasons Payton Manning ever ended up in the first place Denver) as Luck is out with a shoulder injury and his current veteran backup, Scott Tolkien, has been less than adequate in his preseason debut.

In my opinion, he shoulda stuck with Denver for one more season, as they are loaded with offensive and defensive weapons but just needs a good QB to piece it together. Plus, last time he played for Denver he did pretty darn good. The only teams I could see needing someone like Osweiler would be the Jacksonville Jaguars or the New York Jets, as the former just needs a star QB to be relevant and the latter needs someone to rebuild around.

Featured Image from: frazakar.net

Other Images from: Business Insider and Sports Illustrated

Resource: http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/20434654/cleveland-browns-name-deshone-kizer-starting-qb-source-says-trying-shop-brock-osweiler



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