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A New “Special Edition” Xbox One X is Available for Pre-Order


Microsoft had officially unveiled their Xbox One X back during E3 with much better internals. The console itself promises true 4K gaming and 60fps with a GPU clocked at 6 terraflops. All of this for a price tag of $499.99. Much like the original Xbox One, Microsoft has created a “special edition,” which is basically very tiny Project Scorpio branding on the console and the controller with a speckled pattern on the front. I really wish Microsoft put just a little more effort into this as there is really no incentive to get this “special edition” product. But hey, at least the box is both nostalgic and cool. Oh yea, and I almost forgot about that priceless vertical stand!

Quite frankly, if Microsoft just made the console look somewhat like the box or showed the Project Scorpio branding and colors a little more prominently this console would be much cooler.

Special Edition Xbox One X Promo:

*Featured Image from The Verge


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