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Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Way Better Build


Both versions of the GS6 are completely redesigned with metal sides and gorilla glass 4 on the front and the back. Basically, like the HTC One M9, most of the rumors were true.

The Edge version doesn’t curve all the way down like the GNote 4, but it does however add ease of use because of the slightly extended and curved display. The fingerprint scanner now works almost, ALMOST, like the iPhone. Instead of just holding your finger their, you press the home button. The Exynos processor will be used on the international model and Samsung is still deciding on the U.S. models.
Overall the design is the same as the Rumors. Yes, it does have a hint of iPhone. And yes the phone rocks it. The heart rate sensor, flash, and IR blaster are all moved to the right of the camera. The camera now much faster. It will ship with Lollipop.
There are some drawbacks though. Their will be NO micro SD card slot and removable battery. But to make up for that Samsung has built in wireless charging for Chi or PMA charging pads so you can use virtually any charging pad. Also in addition Samsung has included a new fast charge feature. All-in-all, Samsung has pulled it off again with a rather new design to Samsung but familiar with the iPhone, but with all of its new and improved functionality and design has made up for it.


*Featured Image from Androidpit.com


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