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HTC partners with Valve to give us an unexpected surprise at MWC this year.


HTC and Valve teamed up to bring us a new VR (Virtual Reality) Headset. The developers edition will be coming out later this spring as the consumer edition will be coming later this year.

There are 2, 1080×1200 displays that refresh at 90 Frames per second!! This should make gameplay seamless and intuitive. HTC is including 360-degree field of view with what they call a “full room-scale.”
They use many sensors including a gyrosensor, accelerometer and laser positioning to track your head. It also has the capabilities to track your movement in a 15’ by 15’ spaces (squares) At this both HTC and Valve have created a great VR headset, and to think this is only the Developer’s Edition!
*Featured Picture from Roadtovr.com

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