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Mozilla’s deafening reminder to the world


Today Mozilla reminds us that not everyone can afford a brand-new flagship phone. Some of us can’t even afford the old ones. And to think that we all are looking for QHD on everything and LTE and the best processors. Yet, to know that someone cares for the other side of the world that can’t even afford a device. Or there region doesn’t even have access to the Latest and Greatest.

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What I am saying is that Mozilla’s Firefox OS is meant for the super-low end prices, and you get what you pay for. Mozilla has teamed up with Verizon Wireless, LG, KDDI, U+ and Telefonica to provide the world with a batch of flip and slider phones. (Unfortunately phones weren’t available yet) These great companies paired with Mozilla to bring the experience to those people.
*Featured Picture from Mashable.com

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