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The HTC Grip, a fitness watch for the serious athlete


HTC in addition to their M9 announcement, announced the HTC Grip. It is as HTC calls it “The fitness watch for the serious athlete.” HTC is making this watch in partnership with Under Armour.

Unlike many suspected, HTC’s first wearable is a fitness band vs. an Android Wear smartwatch. It has many sporty modes that can track all the workouts and sports that you do/play. Oddly enough, there is no heart rate sensor built in. There is however, support for external monitors. Yup, external monitor support, no heart rate.
The watch is GPS powered so with the GPS on you will get an estimated 5 hours of battery life. It will track everything a fitness tracker should and more with built in route calculations. (It will save your route) The watch is expected to release later this spring and cost $199.
*Featured Image from Engadget.com

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