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Samsung Galaxy S6, Rumored Specs

Tomorrow the Galaxy S6 will be unveiled, so today I bring you the latest rumored specs. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is going to be a great and powerful smartphone with the greatest in tech and more. But the design is rather familiar to me. If you have seen the iPhone 6, you know what I mean. Well here are the specifications according to GSMARENA.
1. Body and Frame:
The GS6 is supposed to be made out of an aluminum frame with Gorilla Glass 4 panels on the front and back.
2. Internals:
It’s supposed to be running on the Quad-Core, Exynos 7420 chipset with 3 GB of RAM and 32 gb of internal storage. It will ship with Android Lollipop or Android 5.1 Their might even be a micro SD card slot expandable up to 128 GB!
3. Camera:
The back facing camera is 20 mega pixels with OIS and LED flash built in.
The front facing camera is a 5 mega pixel camera with a dual camera feature.
samsung galaxy s6 front


4. Display:
The display is going to be a 5.0 in to 5.2 in. Display. It will be a Super AMOLED display at 1440×2560 resolution.
5. Extras:
It is supposed to have a rumored better fingerprint sensor that functions like the iPhone. It may even have a rumored toned down version  of TouchWiz. Their will be the heart rate scanner, hopefully improved. Their is most likely according to rumors and leaks to have an edge variant of this device.
The biggest downfall to this device is the lack of a removeable back. Now consumers won’t be able to change batteries on the go and may not even have a micro SD card slot.
All in all this device is a great all-rounder with hints of its much waited premium feel. I just feel like it has a bit of iPhone in it. The phone is going to be announced at MWC this year tomorrow after the HTC One M9 is announced.
The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a very nice device to get you into Android also a great upgrade for existing customers.


*Featured image from Cnet.com


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